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Murchison River Lodge is found within the southern part of Murchison falls park adjacent to the southern riverbank of the river Nile. Murchison River lodge overlooks Murchison falls park, many hippo schools along the stretch of the riverside papyrus swamp. The view is spectacular and from your cottage, you’ll see hippos bouncing within the water, the mourning of the hippos, from their night grazing, perhaps, can wake you up within the morning.

Murchison River Lodge has comfortable and relaxing mid-range accommodation to suit perfectly any safari budget. The cottages are grass thatched to allow temperature regulations, Murchison River lodge also has well-thatched safari tents. All the cottages are en-suite private make sure that you’ve got time alone to enjoy the African wild safari within the mid of the wilderness.

Murchison river lodges have also comfortable camping tents which are already established around the campsite shade, however, you’ll also bring your camping gear along, and also establish your own within the campsite space, it is often real adventurous. The campsite features a provision for self-catering within the premises, the campsite also features a fireplace where you’ll sit and enjoy the evening breeze from the river. The campsite has clean and safe showers and excellent toilet facilities.

You can enjoy your safari activities in Murchison falls park whilst enjoying the comfort of Murchison River lodge. The lodge is close to the river so, you’ll be able to enjoy the boat cruise down the Nile towards the Albert Delta, where you’ll spot a variety of animals like elephants bathing within the water, the hippo schools are numerously distributed along the riverbank, you’ll also see a variety of water birds, for example, falcons, the weaver birds, the kingfishers, and lucky, you’ll spot the shoe-bill stock within the Albert delta.

Alternatively, you’ll also enjoy the boat ride to the bottom of the falls which may be a spectacular and invigorating experience as you watch the masses of the waterfall from 45 meters high cliff. From the bottom of the falls, you’ll be able to take the Churchill trails and hikes up to the highest of the falls. The hike will expose you to nature’s wonders like the view of the river Nile because it meanders towards the Albert delta. The experience towards the upper part is thrilling because the ground starts to vibrate, and therefore, the thunderous roar of the water will cause you to thrill alternatively terrified reaching the top. At the top of the falls, you’ll enjoy the view of the water because it squeezes through the narrow gorge with forms the misty situation around the area, it’s so memorable.

Murchison river lodge may be a little distance to para which makes it easy for you’re taking a wild game drive to para side, the game drive in Murchison falls park will offer you an opportunity to check out the big five of Africa including the hippos, lions leopards, the elephants, cape buffaloes and other animals like warthogs, antelopes, hyenas (not common) among others.

Murchison River lodge remains a couple of kilometers to budongo forest, where you’ll enjoy the primates just like the monkeys, nature walks through the forest are spectacular. Therefore, the situation of Murchison River lodge is strategic which makes the whole park easily accessible.

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