Matoke Tours is one of East Africa’s leading tour operators specializing
in offering quality, individualized private and group tours throughout the country.

After its establishment in 2002, the company has developed into a renowned African
specialist with offices in the Netherlands, Uganda, and Madagascar, providing trips to various destinations.
The rapid growth and hence the popularity of Matoke Tours is also due to
our dedication and dedication, our love for the region, and our youthful and spirited approach to tourism.

Matoke Tours offers something a bit different and targets travelers who are looking for an affordable trip at a great value. Thanks to dedicated offices within the Netherlands, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Madagascar, Matoke Tours is in a position to tailor your trip right down to the previous detail. It’s no surprise that visitors from around the globe are using our platforms.

Competitive prices

Matoke Tours is known for its excellent service at an affordable price. Today, we provide a variety of tours to suit all budgets.

Extensive Network in East Africa
Our offices in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Madagascar are made up of an extensive network of professionals. In addition, we only use the highest quality of 4WD vehicles. As everyone knows, safari trips are long and luxury is of the foremost importance!

Sustainable tourism

Matoke Tours is proud to be voted in the top 3 of Uganda’s most sustainable tour operators by a jury of Uganda tourism Board, Ugandan wildlife authority, Uganda tourism board, and US Aid Star program.
We won this award because Matoke Tours travels far away from the beaten track, taking tourism to areas where people typically have never experienced in the industry.
Another reason was that we actively promote the use of solar lights and advise our own clients about how to travel responsibly. Get to know more about us by sending us an inquiry or by e-mail!

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