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Abacus African Vacations introduces you to Uganda, which is diverse and interesting. Let us enable you to witness the warmth of its citizens, its natural wonders, its magnificent landscape, its biodiversity, including the endangered Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and other primates, and to discover less-traveled paths.

You can wonder why you should go with us when you are offered cheap tours anywhere on the internet. tWe would suggest that you might be fortunate and get a nice trip that way, but the consistency of these trips is not up to the mark of a good safari, more often than you may think. So we guarantee you not only the best but also the most budget-friendly safari you can ever get in Uganda and Rwanda.

In 2004, Abacus African Vacations was created by Mr. Robert Begumisa, a young entrepreneur, with the goal of adding value to tourism services in Uganda. It is no surprise that young tourism graduates are the majority of office workers. Over the years, our enthusiasm and our country’s experience have made us the perfect on-the-ground guide to make your Uganda safari a memorable one. For more than ten years, we have been delivering personalized travel experiences and our accompanied tours include mountain gorilla trekking, wildlife game watching in the vast national parks of Uganda, fishing safaris, migration safaris, and primate tours, hiking adventures, hunting safaris, filming and photography safaris, and romantic getaways.

Our committed team of 15 were exceptionally trained to perform their duties in the company’s everyday activities. Employee duties and job requirements are optimally tailored to the appropriate credentials and skills at Abacus African Vacations to enable workers to fulfill their assignments diligently in order to meet the aims of the organization through customer loyalty and satisfaction.

On all our trips, we have personalized 4WD safari vehicles with a pop-up roof and we aim to guarantee a window seat for any guest booked with us on a safari. As per customer specifications, we use a cocktail of both safari vans and Toyota Landcruiser. Most of our vehicles are outsourced from reputable car hire companies whose specialization and experience is in the design and repair of personalized safari vehicles to focus on preparing your safari, while we take care of the rest.

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