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There are many ways to explore and experience Semuliki National Park while on Uganda safari. Diversity of exciting tour activities to do in Semuliki National Park is one reason you should consider this exceptional Uganda safari park a must-visit destination post covid-19 pandemic you won’t be left in regrets.

Semuliki National Park lies in Western Uganda and it is undoubtedly one of the least visited Uganda safari parks with untapped natural wonders. It is a perfect destination for tourists interested in unusual wilderness experiences. The 220sq.kms protected area shelters over 441 bird species, variety of mammal species and Sempaya hot springs-one of the world’s most powerful hot springs.

the sempaya hot springs (the male and female hot springs) in Semuliki National park

Below are the top activities to do in Semuliki National Park

Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee tracking is remarkably one of the best and the most memorable safari activities to do in Semuliki National Park whereas it is not very popular like Kibale Forest National Park, Budongo Forest or Kyambura Gorge. Chimpanzee treks in this park are best carried out in the Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve. While the chimpanzee tracking process is the same across chimpanzee safari destinations, in Semuliki National Park, tourists/trekkers join researchers on primate walk.

While on chimpanzee trek, there are also several primates you should expect to enjoy their good sight. These include among others the vervet monkeys, red colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, baboons and a lot more plus forest birds.

Game drives in Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve

The Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve features a vast savanna grassland and riverine forests and because it forms part of the Semuliki National Park, makes it an ideal place for a game drive. While on a game drive in a 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser/Safari Van with an open roof top, expect excellent view of varied mammal species inhabited in Semuliki National Park. These include among others warthogs, Uganda Kobs, leopards, buffaloes, water bucks, elephants, hyenas, birds to mention but a few.

Game drives in this protected area are best carried out in the morning, evening and the park is rated among the few outstanding places for night game drives. On a night game, you will be exposed to Semuliki National Park’s diverse nocturnal species.

Bird watching in Semuliki National Park

Birding is one of the most exciting safari activities tourists should expect to do while on Uganda safari tour in Semuliki National Park. The park is birder’s paradise, hosting over 441 bird species, accounting for 40 percent of the Uganda’s bird population and 66 percent of the country’s forest avifaunal species. Some of the most looked-for birds in this park include the shoebill stork, African piculet, leaf love, yellow throated nicator, white throated blue swallow, red rumped tinker bird, red billed dwarf hornbill, yellow throated cuckoo, ground hornbill, black dwarf hornbill, Nkulengu rail, swamp palm bulbul to mention but a few.

Visiting Sempaya hot springs Semuliki National Park

The Sempaya hot spring is the most popular and iconic tourist site in Semuliki National Park. It features as among the few most powerful hot springs on earth with boiling rate of about 100 degrees Celsius. The due hot spring is capable of boiling an egg or a banana within minutes and you can be in position to enjoy it. This can be proven while on Uganda safari holiday in Semuliki National Park.

The Sempaya hot spring consists of the female (Nyansimbi) and male (Bitente). The 2 hot springs are reachable on the 8km nature walk trail which also exposes you to varied primates including mangabeys, chimps as well as bird species. Besides, expect to enjoy the most breathtaking view of the great western rift valley.

Guided nature walks in Semuliki National Park

The best way to get exposed to Semuliki National Park’s diverse wildlife species is by engaging in a guided nature walk. The park is known for its varied trails, each offering exciting sight of primates, birdlife and many other mammal species. Some of the trails in and around this park include red monkey trail (this extends 11kms) along the eastern border area to Semuliki River, the Sempaya trail (8kms) leading to Sempaya hot springs and others.

Guided nature walks in Semuliki National Park


Cultural encounter in Semuliki National Park

Interacting with local residents on Uganda safari in Semuliki National Park helps enhance visitor experiences. Tourists can visit the nearby local communities (including among others Ntoroko Fishing Community, Batwa pygmies and enjoy the incredible cultural dances, music and learn different traditions, lifestyles and a lot.

Cultural encounter in Semuliki National Park

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