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When it comes to magical African destinations, Kidepo Valley National Park never goes unmentioned! This spectacular Uganda safari park is set in the extreme semi-arid valleys, Karamoja region just at the border with Kenya and South Sudan. The 1442sq.kms conservancy area was founded in 1962 and shelters over 475 bird species, 77 species mammals. There are many safari activities to do in Kidepo Valley National Park and they include among others;

Game drives

A game drive is by far the perfect way one can explore and experience what Kidepo Valley National Park holds for the world. The park shelters diversity of wildlife in its spectacular habitats. There are game tracks designated for game drives in Kidepo National Park, each exposing tourists to the park’s huge profusion of wildlife species while in a 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser/Safari Van with open rooftop.

Some of the viewable wildlife species in Kidepo include among others cheetahs, African bush elephants, lions, leopards, side-striped jackals, antelope families (especially Defassa waterbucks, elands, Bohor reedbucks, oribis, oribis, bushbucks, Jackson’s hartebeests, and others), warthogs, Burchell’s zebras, Rothschild giraffes, cape buffaloes, striped hyenas, black-backed jackals.


Kidepo Valley National Park is ranked the third-best birding safari park in Uganda. The park protects over 475 bird species and with your camera, some of the important birds to enjoy their good sight include the pygmy falcon, Egyptian vulture, Verreaux’s eagles, Karamoja Apalis, ostriches, yellow-billed shrike, red-cheeked cordon blue, rufous crowned roller, Kori bustards, Eastern paradise whydah, purple heron, yellow-billed hornbill, Giant Abyssinian ground hornbill and many more.

Hiking/nature walks

Kidepo Valley National Park features an extra-ordinary savanna landscape worthy exploring on guided nature walk/hiking. The park is known for its beautiful Kidepo River Valley filled with Borassus palm forest. It is possible to hike via the magnificent mountains (especially Mount Morungole/Lamoj hills), visit the Kanangorok hot springs which are found about 11kms from the Kidepo River, Namamkweny, and Kidepo River valleys.

Cultural safari

A Uganda safari holiday in Kidepo Valley National Park isn’t only about participating in a game drive/bird watching but also for you to engage in cultural encounters in the park’s nearby local communities. While on tour holiday in this, the IK and Karamojong are the 2 amazing tribes you shouldn’t miss to interact with. A cultural safari in the IK or Karamojong community involves you enjoying the best dances, cultural music performances, learn about their daily lifestyle, traditions, norms, and others.

Where to stay in Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park compared to most Uganda safari parks doesn’t many accommodation facilities but it is essential to choose one for your overnight stay. You can choose from budget to luxury and they include Apoka Rest Camp, Kidepo Savanna Lodge, Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp, Apoka Safari Lodge, and Camping at Kakine Self-catering campsite.

Accessing Kidepo Valley National Park

Visitor accessibility to their dream safari destinations is very important. Interestingly, Kidepo Valley National Park can be reached by road or by air. By road, it takes you longer hours about 10-12 hours’ drive depending on the route you take. But the park is reachable from the Kampala-Gulu route or drive from Moroto approximately 220kms.

There is also a possibility for you to shorten your long hours by taking a flight from Entebbe Airport/Kajjansi airfield to Lomej/Apoka airstrips.

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